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5 Beauty Rules That Every Contact Lens Wearer Should Be Following

Diana Milnes | 12 June, 2020

            5 Beauty Rules That Every Contact Lens Wearer Should Be Following

Contact lenses, makeup and skincare don’t naturally mix. These tips will help you to use your contacts safely.


If worn incorrectly the two can lead to irritation, redness, itchiness and even infection, potentially causing lasting damage to your eyes. The key to wearing makeup and contact lenses successfully is to maintain proper eye-hygiene and to be mindful of the products you use in your eye area. Here are five beauty tips that could help:

  1. Put your lenses in before starting your beauty routine

Whether you’re putting on a full face of makeup or simply applying your facial moisturiser after a shower, always wash your hands and then put your lenses in first. If you put your lenses in after you put on your products, then even after washing your hands it is likely that you will still have some makeup product or moisturiser residue on your fingers which will then transfer onto your lenses. 

2. Avoid glitter and loose powder makeup

Loose powdery makeup and products that contain glitter can easily fall from the eye area into your eye. Ordinarily, your tears and natural eye lubrication would do a pretty good job of removing any makeup that falls into your eyes, but with lenses, it is easier for powder or glitter to get stuck, causing irritation. Glitter, in particular, can be very sharp, scratching the surface of the eye and potentially causing ulceration


3. Change your lenses when you should

Whether they be dailies, weekly or monthly lenses, be sure to set a timer on your phone and to change your lenseswhen you should. Wearing lenses for longer than their prescribed duration increases the chance of infection. If you regularly find that your monthly lenses are causing you problems towards the end of the month, then consider changing to a weekly or daily set from eyecontacts.com.au.

4. Remove your lenses before removing your makeup 

When it comes to your evening routine, it’s important to take your lenses out first before tackling the removal of your makeup and your skincare. This is because, just like in the morning, it will reduce the chance of you having makeup or product residue on your hands when you remove your lenses. As always, remember to wash your hands thoroughly before touching your lenses or your eyes and if you are wearing heavy makeup, then you may need to wash your hands between the removal of each lens. 

5. Be mindful of the products that you use 

Last but not least, contact lens wearers should be especially mindful of the products that they are using on their eyes. Certain ingredients such as alcoholand formaldehyde should be avoided at all costs, and contact lens wearers may also want to avoid products that contain oils as these are known to cause cloudiness on the lenses making it difficult for them to see. Glitter is also usually best avoided as are clumpy mascaras and any other products that are likely to fall into the eye area. 

So there you have it, five simple beauty rules that every contact lens wearer should be following. Do you have any tips for wearing contacts?