Facial Therapies

Each facial begins with a professional skin diagnosis and is customised to hydrate and balance individually, as your skin is unique and constantly influenced by your environment and health.

Restore Face Body Soul is a ladies only Beauty Salon.

Radiance Facial

45 minutes | $55

A botanical based AHA enzyme exfoliation combined with natural plant extracts, this quickie skin reviver is a targeted therapeutic facial designed to address your individual skin concerns.

Signature Facial

60 minutes | $65 | Add a Collagen Infusion Mask or AHA Peel + $20

Improve your skin’s health with this intensive 60 minute facial individually custom designed for you. Whether your concern is anti-aging, skin rejuvenation, hydration, deep cleansing, pore refining, sensitivity or relaxation this facial will deliver results.

Botanically derived peels, enzymatic masks and serum intensives will gently smooth and refine your skin. My signature blend of highly effective facial massage techniques will improve your complexion and remove toxins from your face. This technique works to release facial tension, helping to lift and prevent facial wrinkles.

This unique facial is specifically designed around your main concerns and tailored to achieve the best results to give you healthy, radiant skin.

Eternal Facial

90 minutes | $95

Fight the signs of ageing – wrinkles and loss of radiance and restore your youthful glow! This luxurious treatment firms, repairs and re-densifies to help correct the signs of ageing. Enjoy being pampered with a exclusive anti-ageing skin rejuvenation massage technique, double exfoliation (including AHA peel), concentrated serums, intense anti-oxidant mask and Restore Eye Revive. Your skin is ultimately rejuvenated.

Revival Face


60 minutes | $65

Melt away facial tension to reveal a glowing complexion while deeply nourishing and relaxing your body. Using a unique blend of highly effective massage techniques The Revival Face Therapy will help to improve the complexion, remove toxins from the face and prevent facial wrinkles. But it is “more than a facial” as it works energetically and can help to relieve sinus and jaw problems, headaches, release tension and balance the emotions.

AHA Skin Refine

30 minutes | $55

Smooth, refine & boost skin renewal with natural plant acids. Medically acknowledged to be effective in the treatment of premature ageing, sun damaged skin, clogging and blackheads, a gentle yet deep exfoliation glycolic peel. Best results are realised with a series of treatments.

Restore Eye Revive

30 minutes | $30 

A soothing ‘facial’ for your eyes to help reduce dark circles and puffiness – reviving your eyes. The perfect add-on to your Facial or as a stand alone treatment.

Facial Therapy Boosters

Available when booking your appointment.

COLLAGEN INFUSION MASK - Slow down collagen depletion with a steam infused collagen mask and facial massage. By boosting your skin’s natural collagen content and slowing the rate of collagen depletion, collagen masks help to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, promote smoother skin texture and help restore or maintain your skin’s elasticity.  +15 minutes | $20

AHA SKIN RESURFACING - Smooth, refine & boost skin renewal with natural plant acids. Plant acids are renowned for their smoothing, refining qualities and for stimulating skin renewal. Upgrade your facial + $20

RESTORE EYE REVIVE  - A soothing ‘facial’ for your eyes to help reduce dark circles and puffiness – reviving your eyes. The perfect add-on to your Facial or as a stand alone treatment. + 15minutes | $20

BACK MASSAGE - Add a relaxing and grounding back massage to your facia.l +15 minutes | $20

What people are saying ….

I have been a customer of Restore Face Body and Soul for 5 years and I am very happy with the service, Di is always on time and does a fabulous job on my eyebrows and facials. I would highly recommend Restore Face Body and Soul.
— Janice | Google review

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